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2024 Summer Select/Advanced House League Defense Clinic

7 Week Session

$379.99 + HST

This class is a combination of skating, puck control, shooting and situational elements for Select and Advanced House League Defensemen. It is strongly encouraged that your child have a solid foundation in skating prior to taking this class.

This clinic focuses on many skills needed to play defence including backward crossovers, pivots, transitions, and escape moves. Similar to the Rep clinics, the focus is emphasized and tailored towards the game of hockey seen by a defensemen.

Our defense clinics will focus on developing skating agility, passing and shooting, quick starts, pivoting and escape and lateral movement (explosive). Also the following game situational drills: gap control, breakouts, “leading” using stick to control player’s skaters, defensive and neutral zone angling, net front position, battles and partner work. Players will also learn different types of shots from the point, head manning the puck, pinching (when to and when not to), 1 on 1’s and 2 on 1’s (down low and coming down the wing).

Learn how to become an offensive defensemen as well as a defensive defensemen all in the same hour.

Ages 2011-2014

Wednesdays July 10 – August 21: 8:00-9:00pm

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