Kindertot:  30 minute classes for 2-3 year olds

Parental participation not required.  Children will be grouped together by age/ability.

KINDERSTICKS:  30 minute classes for children ages 2-4

This program is for children ages 2-4 who can skate independently (no pusher).  This class will incorporate some introductory hockey skills into the skating lesson.  Full equipment is not necessary, however, hockey gloves are recommended.

Learn to Skate: Classes for children ages 4-6

LEARN TO SKATE A – Brand new skaters and beginners who are working on increasing their speed and confidence in forward skating.

LEARN TO SKATE B – Children must be able to forward skate (using both feet to march/push) two widths of our ice (approx 30m) in less than 45 seconds and have some ability to skate backwards in order to register for this level.  Skaters will work on their push/glide sequence, stopping and improving their backward skating in this level.

LEARN TO SKATE C/D – Children must be able to forward skate 2 widths of our ice (approx 30m) using both feet in a push/glide sequence in less than 30 seconds and be able to skate one width backwards in less than 30 seconds in order to register for this level.  These more advanced skaters will be working on crossovers, edge control and improving their forward and backward stride.  Please note that these are NOT power skating lessons.

Learn to Skate JUNIOR:  Classes for children ages 7-12

JUNIOR LEVELS 1-2 – New skaters who have limited skating experience.  Focus will be on balance, proper push/glide motion, stopping and introducing backwards skating.

JUNIOR LEVELS 3-5 – Advanced skaters who are ready to work on edge control, crossovers, advanced stopping and backward skating techniques.  ***Please note, this is not a power skating class.

LEARN TO SKATE ADULT/TEEN –  It’s never too late to learn.